He wants more power

Recently, I drove behind a vehicle with the bumper sticker, “Veterans Vote Trump.”

It saddened me because our veterans and active military, along with most everyone else, have been abandoned by Trump. Two weeks ago, the five million masks ordered by the Veterans Administration were then ordered by Trump to be delivered to FEMA so that he could control their distribution, leaving our VA hospitals desperate for PPE they need to protect patients and staff.

FEMA gave the VA 500,000 masks when the institution as a whole use 300,000 masks a day.

When the captain of an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, faced with escalating COVID cases tried desperately to get testing and PPE to protect the men and women on his ship, he was relieved of his command by Trump administration officials when his effort became public.

The tragedy of this presidency goes beyond his disregard for veterans and active duty military. He has abandoned the vast majority of American working people with his huge tax cuts for corporations and rich people. The billions of dollars in lost revenue to people and institutions who did not need it could now be available to the families living now on the very edge of survival.

The monies could be used to establish WPA type programs to create meaningful jobs, to pour into medical research to resolve this problem. But no, it sits in corporate boardrooms and the accounts of millionaires.

The debt that is now accruing will haunt our children and grandchildren for two generations if it doesn’t collapse our economy entirely.

If you are a veteran, a soldier or an unemployed working person, Trump doesn’t give a damn about you. He just wants you to give him more power to continue destroying America!