Trump should focus on issues

I sure wish Donald J. Trump would consider something other than getting himself re-elected as an important part of being president of the UNITED States of America!

For instance, he could promote and support:

• The safety and security of ALL the American people.

• The economic security of America and its small businesses, the backbone of our nation’s employment.

• Nurturing and supporting the sustainable environment of the Earth, from which are derived our food and economic resources.

• The health and wellness of our people.

• The cooperative working relationship America has had with most of the rest of the world under virtually all past presidents.

• The reputation for goodness and fairness America had pre-2017.

• The right of all people to cast votes that count.

• The importance of appointing judicially qualified, fair and non-partisan judges in our legal system.

• The importance of appointing qualified and open-minded people to his cabinet and other important government posts instead of just Sycophants “yes-people.”

• Scientific truth and common logic by not mocking them or spreading dangerous unscientific ideas.