A waste of funds

Stephen Shurtleff, Democrat Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, has proposed spending $200,000, to rent the Whittemore Ice Arena at UNH, a state school, to host a single-day House session in June.

Ostensibly, seating can be arranged at Whittemore, to permit 6 feet of social distancing for COVID-vulnerable, elderly House members. In fairness, the sum also includes about $20,000 worth of electronic paraphernalia to permit members to vote electronically from their seats. Makes you wonder how Grant could have commanded a 100,000 man army without Wi-Fi.

Democrats are notorious for being incapable of prioritizing anything or even minimally understanding sources and uses of funds. This $200,000, single day meeting venue proposal represents one of the most egregiously stupid and farcical spending ideas that House Democrats have ever offered for public consumption.

Taking aisles and egress into account, it takes about an acre of space to seat 400 people with 6 feet of social distancing. The area required is about the size of the playing surface of a football field. A big circus tent would do. Any capable wedding planner could find one.

Parking for 400 cars requires about 4 acres – not much. Former Speaker of the House Doug Scamman’s field in Stratham would work. Almost any N.H. fairground site also would work. Fairgrounds always are on the hunt for ways to pay bills. Golf carts could ferry old, disabled and wheezy members like me.

Red and Green Sotheby Auction – like voting placards could be waved for counters walking the aisles, tallying votes – just like at town meeting.

For $100, the speaker, could rent any teenage rock band’s sound system, which could be easily amped up to accommodate even the deafest House member.

Behavioral scientists Justin Krueger and David Dunning concocted what’s now understood as the “Dunning-Krueger Effect,” which has to do with how people view their capacity for decision making. One of D-K’s conclusions was that, “If you’re incompetent, you can’t know you’re incompetent.”

Appreciating Dunning-Krueger will help everyone understand every Democrat, going forward from now, until the end of time.