Quality leadership

In “County nursing home boasts ‘well-coordinated team'” (The Sunday Telegraph, May 11), I read, “… a state mobile testing unit also came to the facility in an effort to test approximately 150 more staff members and residents.”

Staff members. Testing. How novel.

I live in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, known as Life Care Center, a residential nursing facility for the elderly. Our governor, Charlie Baker, who I now un-fondly have renamed Charlie Faker, failed to get a clue when nursing homes in Washington state were wiped out, months earlier.

When his nerve endings finally twitched, 10 body bags later, Gov. Faker called in the National Guard to do testing. I thought this was better late than never, but later learned the sad truth. They tested the residents. The staff? They were “offered,” but most declined, and then went on their way, free to spread. Now, we’re at almost 20 dead, including one staff member. All avoidable with the basic infection control, required testing and quarantine. The Merrimack County Nursing Home and the supportive government which regulates them, demonstrate smarts. Gov. Faker parades ineptitude. It’s been deadly.

As a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, I learned early and often that there’s a huge difference between the two states. Every highway trip north, the lesson was delivered. No more potholes, inept highway design and pathetically poor maintenance. And no income or sales tax.

The difference between these sadly connected states? Brains and decency. With these and the other attributes, you have ongoing evidence of true leadership. New Hampshire should be proud. If you’re not, then please accept my envy. Well done!