$2 to vote

Sounds minimal, right? But the proposed $2 postage needed to return an absentee ballot is a FEE for voting – a poll tax.

For the folks without jobs, recently evicted or otherwise struggling economically, it’s an insult. To postal service workers, it’s an influx when they’re attempting to ensure social distancing. For the lawyers amongst us, it may be an opportunity for expensive litigation. For other states with return postage paid – or better yet, with online registration – it’s an opportunity to wonder why FIRST IN THE NATION N.H. (when it comes to primaries) leans towards 17th century technology when it comes to helping its citizens exercise their constitutional right to vote.

New Hampshire, we have $15,000,000 in funds from HELP AMERICA VOTE AGAIN. Doesn’t that say it right there? Help your citizens vote easily and safely!

And if a college student (Luke Cuomo) could design an online page that does it all, it seems there is no reason why online registration and voting could not be offered to our populace. Perhaps voter suppression is not anyone’s goal, but that still promises to be the result if New Hampshire citizens are not given FREE and EASY ACCESS to the franchise.