Come to your own conclusion

Before Donald Trump, I believed that most people wouldn’t have accepted a sensitive FBI investigation beset with fundamental performance failures. Why has my belief changed after Trump? First, Hillary Clinton was not prosecuted for negligently handling highly classified information and violating DoS rules. Secondly, the DoJ inspector general uncovered 17 failures by high level FBI/DoJ personnel processing four FISA applications related to Trump resulting in the “spying” of citizens without lawful cause and a chain of partisan law enforcement and congressional reactions.

If you believe the failures are inconsequential, then you’re anti-Trump and/or averse to the rule of law. Another possibility is that you haven’t read the official IG report released in December 2019. If you haven’t, then you’ve been duped by other haters, including the MSM who have not done their due diligence of reporting facts.

I challenge you to download and read the IG report and come to your own conclusion whether justice was served. See for yourself that there were serious omissions that could have altered the direction of the investigation. Determine if withheld exculpatory evidence was openly exhibited, whether decisions to “spy” would have been justified. Ascertain whether the original basis for initiating a preliminary investigation, the Steele Dossier, was thoroughly corroborated and properly invoked. If the primary source for any investigation were flawed, lawful prosecution is moot, but some in our premier law enforcement agency methodically plowed ahead anyway. This led me to believe that law enforcement cadre wasn’t focused on law enforcement, but rather the major objective was political retaliation.

The mission to remove Trump by this FBI cadre was unsuccessful, so a special council investigation took center stage to try to confirm suspicions of collusion. But that investigation was even more political. Since no evidence of wrongdoing was discovered, it also became unsatisfactory to Trump haters.

Finally, partisan House Democrats passed a resolution to impeach based on an unproven article of abuse of power and a feeble article of obstruction of Congress.

The plot thickens. From recently released declassified information, there begins to appear more exposure of an Obama administration clique clashing with the current administration in hope of incapacitating Trump. The noose is tightening, and the number involved in the clique is widening, and not surprisingly reaching the apex of the Obama administration.

Those who assisted in the travesty (FBI agents, former administration high office holders, unscrupulous lawyers, derelict and promoting media, and a blindly partisan Congress) should be required to pay reparations to those directly harmed by these events.

This abuse of power and obstruction of justice for the sole purpose of “removing” a U.S. president from office is more than an injustice, it’s a coup.

My vote for Trump in 2016 was my best civil act. Single-handedly, he has stood up to the opposition with prowess and has beat them at their own game. He has governed to my satisfaction, and I’ll be voting for him again, so he can complete the task of draining the rest of the swamp.