Color doesn’t matter

With all this rioting, looting, pillaging and punching (white women in the face for being white) taking place across the nation, I wish to offer my native city of Nashua a recommendation for self protection in future abuses of police and of any designated authorities duly placed for the safeguard of the populace!

Let’s start a fund to assist in the sale of every single business in our beloved Nashua to these violent minorities black, white green, yellow or red, matters not. Every store, business, gas station, drive thru etc., etc., etc goes to the black and radical supporters of the United States.

After closing on all these enterprises, we can sit by and await one (just one killing of one of our dedicated police, city, state, out-of-state and national white, black, or whatever officers … matters not, we react!

We pillage, steal, burn, rape and destroy every commercial enterprise in the city! Let’s get in the game folks! They wanna play hardball? Put the ping pong equipment back in storage and react in kind.

PS: Oh yeah, forgot my native state is the home benefactor of Shaheen, Hassan, Kuster and Pappas. Guess you folks just have to sit by and wait for Obama to save your butts!


Several studies conducted since 2015 reveal interesting factual documented data relative to the legitimacy of current violent protests taking place nation wide over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis couple of weeks ago. Violent protesters assert they are sick and tired of white police abuse of blacks in this country. Tired of police shooting at blacks, beating on them, focusing on blacks in the “suspicion investigations etc. etc. Following factual data disproves (once again) these lefty theories to the core:

a. Every single year two, three and four times more whites are killed by police than blacks.

b. Black and Hispanic police officers are three times more likely to shoot blacks than are white police officers.

c. Blacks have killed more white police officers than all other races combined. (None of which resulted in White Violent Riots)

d. Although the black population in the US is a mere fraction of the total population their incarcerated number is greater than all others combined.

e. Looting, pillaging, cruiser torching, are 100% more likely from blacks than from all other populations combined.l

f. The arrest, prosecution, incarceration of a white police officer for abusing a black has an impact of 0% on violent protests.

g.Pleas from influential black leaders for peace and end to riots, theft, looting, pillaging have no impact on the rioters.