Right for New Hampshire

The right person, at the right time, for the State of New Hampshire? Retired Brigadier General, Don Bolduc, a person who has dedicated his life to serving the people of New Hampshire and this great country. A person with thirty-three years on active duty, with 10 deployments and has been awarded 2 Purple Hearts, 5 Bronze Stars, 2 awards for Valor as well as various other awards from our government and those of our allies. This gentleman knows what it means to serve and protect the people as well as uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. His lifetime of service speaks volumes about how he cares about the citizenry of this great state and this nation. His life has been an example of Selfless Service rather than the examples of Self Service that we see in politics today.

His message resonates with most residents here in New Hampshire as he has worked hard his entire life to get to where he is now. As a boy, Don started out working on his family’s farm in Laconia and later he became a Laconia Police officer in his senior year of high school. After graduating from Laconia High, Don enlisted in the United States Army, continuing a long family tradition. Over the next 33 years he would be promoted from Private to General, which as anyone who has served in the military can tell you, it is no small feat and not accomplished very often.

After the tragedies at the World Trade Center, Don was part of a 12 man team of Green Berets/Special Forces (Horse Soldiers) who would be inserted into Afghanistan on a suicide mission to liberate the southern region from the Taliban, without tanks or trucks, relying mainly horses as modes of transportation and movement. In the years following, he would continue to serve in the Middle East and Africa on various assignments, working with Middle Eastern governments and leaders in their attempts to free themselves from Isis and hold democratic elections. He would also serve in the Pentagon for several years working with our nation’s leaders on the continued mission in the Middle East. After his retirement from the Army, Don has been advocating for several years to get better care for all veterans in the VA system and especially for PTS/PTSD. He’s even been collaborating with Sen. Hassan to achieve this for NH and on a national level. He has spoken to various veterans’ groups across the country regarding PTS and to advocate for care for veterans.

Now he takes on the challenge of a new level of service, to serve as the Senator from New Hampshire in the United States Senate. Per Don, “I would consider it a privilege to do so”.

The New Hampshire motto of, “Live Free or Die” is something near and dear to his heart. And his message of, “I am New Hampshire born and bred, I am one of you” resonates whenever you have the opportunity to hear him speak. Typical of those of us from New Hampshire, he has the ability to listen intently to you, hearing what you have to say regarding the issues that affect you and your family here at home in New Hampshire and in Washington D.C.

Don is not a rich man. He has had to work hard like all of us to get to where he is today. He is not going to buy his way into Washington by giving huge donations of money as so many do. He is going to work and earn it, like he has everything else in his life. Take the time visit his web-page, www.donbolduc.com, to learn more about this gentleman, his background and his views. This native son is once again ready to serve you, the people of this Great State New Hampshire.