Do your research, vote Feltes

Democrats and undeclared voters, are you thinking of voting for Chris Sununu for governor?

• Do you care about raising the minimum wage? At $7.25 NH has by far the lowest minimum wage in New England. The 2019-2020 NH Legislature twice voted to increase the wage. Sununu vetoed both bills.

• Do you care about paid family and medical leave for NH employees? Again, twice passed and twice vetoed.

• Do you care about reducing gun violence and closing background check loopholes? Gov Sununu vetoed 4 related bills.

• Do you care about climate change? Sununu is the only governor in New England who has not joined the U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition of 24 governors committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

I urge you to do more research on the candidates and vote for Dan Feltes. As a state senator, Dan has worked hard on behalf of all the issues you care about.