Messner, Negron do it right

I am writing in support of candidates Corky Messner and Steve Negron for U.S. Senate and Congress, District 2. I believe they are a great fit for the values of the citizens of our state and its historical bent of independence and conservatism. The two Democrats they are vying to replace I believe are too extreme and out of step with regular, average, patriotic Americans. They have been in Washington for multiple terms and have either joined/embraced the radical movements like BLM and Antifa, or have kept deafeningly silent about it and the violence of these groups. When they come home they pretend to be independent, but don’t be fooled for yet another term. We have the power to term limit these politicians. I believe New Hampshire would do well and be proud to elect fresh representation that will speak up for us who have no bully pulpit. We need to be part of the solution for the issues the nation faces and not have long-time politicians who stand in the way- with Pelosi and Schumer- of the solutions. Average America wants and needs leaders like Corky Messner and Steve Negron who will speak up for what we know in our hearts is right: funding and supporting the police, legal and fair immigration, our rights to ALL free speech and our right to protect ourselves and property. As Americans, we have had it very good for a long time and I think we fail to realize that there are some pretty dark forces out there that would love to bring us down. We need good, wise representatives right now who recognize this reality and will speak up for us. America is a bright light and a force for good around the globe, and the world is watching who we are going to elect.

Let’s do it right. I hope you agree.