Support Sen. Chandley

Serving your community through voluntary service or elected office requires a wider perspective of the needs, concerns and views of your neighbors and constituents than can be obtained through local papers and the media. It requires a willingness to commit time, energy, patience, and resources, listening to and engaging with friends and individuals with opposing views and perspectives.

Over the past 30 years, I have been afforded the opportunity to serve on local advisory boards, in elected positions in my hometown of Amherst, as a member of the State Legislature and on numerous nonprofit organizations throughout the State.

Along the way, I have met and worked with numerous individuals that exemplify the commitment, work ethic and integrity that it takes to be an effective representative and advocate for those you represent. At the top of my list are former governor’s Walter Peterson and John Lynch, Senator James Squires of Hollis and former state representatives Peter Bergin and Cynthia Dokmo from Amherst.

For these reasons, I am supporting current Sen. Shannon Chandley for reelection as our State Senator for District 11.

Shannon has a strong sense of the needs and aspirations of the constituents she serves. She has climbed the rungs of local civic engagement and elective office. Shannon is an experienced and effective legislator who engages her constituents, listens well, and does her homework before casting a vote. She has earned my admiration and trust and I ask that you support her on Nov. 3.