Chandley and independent redistricting

This year’s elections are especially critical because whichever party takes the majority will be responsible for redistricting, or redrawing our legislative districts for the next 10 years. In 2010, Republicans used redistricting to bake in an advantage for their party, shifting the balance of power in state government from voters to incumbent Republican elected officials. This type of unfair, unrepresentative redistricting undermines the power of individual voters such that winning the most votes does not guarantee the most representation, as has routinely happened in NH since 2010.

Sen. Shannon Chandley has been a remarkable leader on this issue and has consistently fought to ensure that our elections result in fair representation. She was a lead sponsor on SB 8, a bill to establish an independent redistricting commission, which received bi-partisan support in the Senate but was unfortunately vetoed by Governor Sununu. This bill would have stopped the partisan gerrymandering which removes accountability and blunts the concept of one person:one vote. Like, Senator Chandley, I believe that voters should choose their representative, not the other way around, and that’s why I am voting for her in November.

Shannon will never stop fighting for fair elections and fair representation, but don’t just take it from me. She was endorsed by Fight for Reform, a project of End Citizens United dedicated to eliminating special interest and corporate influence in politics and returning power back to the voters.

We need representatives in Concord like Senator Chandley who are able to work across party lines to come up with solutions that eliminate partisan bias and deliver real results that help all Granite Staters. I’m proudly voting to re-elect her on November 3rd and I hope you’ll join me.