Elect Corky Messner

As we face this pandemic and the economic challenges that follow, we need someone like Corky Messner in the US Senate, someone who understands what must be done to get our nation back on track. He has been endorsed by President Donald Trump, and will support the policies needed to restore the economy.

As he travels the state, Corky has met with countless small business owners who are struggling financially, with families who must deal with school closures and keeping their children safe, and with many other Granite Staters who see daily headlines about the chaos and violence plaguing our cities. These are uncertain times, and we need someone in the U.S. Senate who is not a career politician, who has not abandoned New Hampshire’s values.

It’s time for a change, and a return to our conservative roots -that’s why Corky Messner has my vote.

It’s never been more critical to get our country back on track.

Corky Messner is a reassuring voice in these days of divisiveness and turmoil. He has a plan to strengthen America and return our sense of unity and purpose. He is the one candidate in the race who sees a vision for the nation that includes economic prosperity, individual freedom, and national pride.

His days as an Army captain, stationed in West Germany, taught him what totalitarianism and ‘big brother’ government can do to break a people’s spirit. That is why he is committed to protecting our freedoms as laid out in the Bill of Rights.

As a businessman, he knows the path to success is hard work, not hand-outs.

As a father, he understands that our future generations cannot be burdened by a ballooning national debt.

As an American, he continues to show the pride and respect for our flag, for our standing as a free nation.

That’s why Corky Messner MUST be our next U.S. Senator!