Republican dirty tricks

Republicans at the national level are well known for their dirty tricks over the years. At the local level, NH Republicans are also following suit.

As an undeclared voter, I receive a lot of mail from both sides. The Republicans seem to take liberties with the truth. Jeb Bradley tells me that NH Democrats have sought to only raise taxes, falsely ignoring the many bills that Democrats have passed regarding gun control, fair redistricting, etc., that have been among the more than 75 bills that Sununu has vetoed in the past two years.

The mailing that takes the cake is a recent one from a NH state Republican group that smears Shannon Chandley, the current NH State Senator representing District 11, which includes Merrimack, Amherst, Milford, and Wilton. The mailing ‘cherry picked’ her stands on various bills, complete with footnotes to make the case that she’s ‘bad.’ However, the one that got me was a false statement regarding her house. There was a reference to a Zillow listing (footnoted, to ‘prove’ it’s true) supposedly about Shannon’s house, which is totally bogus. My wife and I know Shannon and her husband, Tom, and their house is definitely not for sale, nor was it the one referenced in the Zillow footnote – so much for a factual mailing!

I was so bothered by this that I emailed her opponent, Gary Daniels, about this smear campaign on Shannon. Gary did respond, saying: “Just wanted to inform you that my campaign has not done any mailing, so whatever you received was not from my campaign. As such, I had no knowledge of it, its content, or the mailing universe.” An honest but obvious statement. However, did he object or say that this kind of thing isn’t good for our democracy? No.

Why is it that Republicans at all levels feel a need to be dishonest in their political ads and dealings? Something to consider as we all must do our duty and vote on November 3.