Selective information

For more than 10 years, I have argued and testified for legislation less costly for a citizen to go to court.

In civil cases, you can’t get legal assistance help unless a lawyer which Mr. Feltes admits he is giving free service.

In the past four years, Senator Giuda and others have sponsored SB 555 and SB 313 which would have given an office of Ombudsman for complaints against public government local or state as well as agencies for a cost of no more than $25. That’s versus going to court to enforce a state law (RSA 91-A) which would cost the citizen approx $400 if they go it themselves or if you hire a lawyer minimum of $5,000.

So Mr. Feltes who authored the bill for medical leave which would take $5. from every paycheck claims it’s okay to take a poor person’s money from their paycheck but won’t support a citizen holding them accountable

Really, these candidates who use taxpayers’ money then claim they got help for people make me more aware of the selective information they advertise.

Remember, the government is only giving what they have taken from someone earning a living.