Veto Sununu

If, in 2018, you voted blue to flip the NH legislature, you likely had expectations that the Democratic majority would enact legislation benefitting all NH citizens which reflected your viewpoint. And, indeed, they attempted to do just that: bills meant to reduce your property taxes, to increase public health and safety, to address environmental concerns, and to assist families.

For the past two years, your expectations were nullified by the record-breaking number of vetoes by Gov. Chris Sununu. He has vetoed nearly ALL legislation proposed in the past two years: over 70 vetoes, unprecedented in NH. (See NH NPR NH Veto Tracker) Why? Because of Sununu’s single-minded partisan politics, and his big money donor affiliations and lobbying interests.

If you intend to vote blue in 2020, but plan to vote for Chris Sununu for governor thinking he is a moderate with NH citizens’ interests at heart, be forewarned: Sununu has NO intention of passing significant legislation proposed by a Democratic majority, ever. He is strictly party over people: your expectations do not matter to him. If you seek meaningful change, vote blue all the way through.