A well-rounded education

Nashua North High School this past February hosted Governor Sununu and Kati Preston, Kati a Holocaust Survivor gave a powerful presentation on the importance of not forgetting the horrific atrocities of the Holocaust. “Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes” – George Santayana.

We move forward a few months later and Kati Preston was present when Gov. Chris Sununu signed House Bill 1135 into law. This bill was critically important in making sure the Holocaust is not forgotten and ensuring that New Hampshire Students are provided the best teaching curriculum on the subject. It is thanks to Governor Sununu along with Kati and the other stakeholders in ensuring this bill became law.

Making sure New Hampshire students continue to receive a well-rounded and compressive educational experience. It is so critically important in ensuring that we are preparing students to be successful and informed later in life. Gov. Sununu has shown us why we must not let history be forgotten, and I applaud him for working alongside Kati Preston and other stakeholders in ensuring this important subject will be taught in our schools and always remembered.