Support Chandley

I have had the pleasure of working with Senator Shannon Chandley in the NH Legislature where we both served as State Representatives from 2016-2018 and most recently where she has served as Senator for our Milford community since 2018. Soaring Milford property taxes have been a major challenge in our community for over a decade. As Vice Chair of House Finance, Division III, I worked with House colleagues and Senate colleagues, including Senator Chandley, to address this issue head-on.

I was proud to work with Senator Chandley and our legislative colleagues on the state budget to restore municipal aid and send millions in state relief back to our cities and towns, including Milford. Critical state budget investments in our public schools also decreased pressure on property taxes, showing that we don’t need to raise taxes to fund critical programs in our community. Milford received $2.5 million in municipal aid and school funding. By listening to the needs of our constituents, the legislature’s work on the state budget resulted in a Milford property tax rate decrease for the first time in over 10 years – from $29.23 to $25.97 over the last two years.

We worked together to stop the downshifting and property tax increases by the former GOP legislature, including former State Senator Gary Daniels. Although he is from Milford, he did not prioritize Milford constituent concerns and property taxes continued to rise while he was Senator.

I am supporting Senator Shannon Chandley because she listens to her constituents and works across the aisle to deliver results for Milford, her constituents of District 11, and New Hampshire. I encourage residents of Milford to vote for Senator Chandley on November 3rd – she will continue to deliver for our community.