To the voters of Milford

I always encourage voters to learn about candidates before voting. I am writing today to help you learn more about Vanessa Sheehan who is running for State Representative in Milford. Something you may already know about Vanessa is that she is a third generation resident of Milford. She and her family and have been a vital part of all that makes up the fabric of Milford.

This alone makes her a great choice for Representative because she has been connected to every aspect of Milford her entire life and cares deeply for the community her family have called home for decades. But what really stands out for me are her morals, ethics, and values. Today, more than ever, we need leaders in our State who exemplify good moral character and the highest integrity, something I see in Vanessa in all that she does. Vanessa understands and has great respect for our State and Federal Constitutions. Her commitment to low taxes, personal liberty, quality education choices, and preserving our New Hampshire Advantage coupled with her solid roots in Milford make her an excellent candidate for State Representative. We know every vote matters and I encourage you to vote for Vanessa Sheehan on November 3rd. I am confident she will represent Milford with distinction.