Chandley: Small business advocate

As an Amherst resident who owns a small business in Nashua, I feel compelled to respond to the dishonest partisan attacks on State Senator Shannon Chandley’s record regarding small businesses. Senator Chandley has been a fierce advocate for the small business community and to say anything less is simply a lie.

Appointed to Governor Sununu’s Economic Re-Opening Task Force, Senator Chandley has been nothing but helpful during this pandemic, which is why it is disappointing to see her opponent falsely claiming that she supports a 12.5% business tax increase. This claim was taken from a budget measure that, in Governor Sununu’s own words, “does not increase taxes” – on my business or anyone else’s during these trying times.

When COVID-19 hit, my business like many others had to make adjustments in order to stay afloat. Senator Chandley has repeatedly checked in to learn specifically about what our businesses challenges are related to COVID-19. She recognizes that we, like so many other local small family businesses, are focused on keeping their employees safe and with meaningful employment. She’s done a great job looking for practical solutions in her role with the reopening plan, balancing out what the data and scientists say with what is practical for employers and their teams.

As a small business owner, I am supporting State Senator Shannon Chandley for re-election this November because I know she will advocate for my business and keep taxes low.