In defense of Trump

You may not like the President. He can be bombastic, egotistical, and somewhat gregarious. But, if you look beyond the rhetoric you will see many accomplishments of President Trump. For many of us, pride has been restored to America under Trump.

There is a sharp and deep divide that separates Pres. Trump and former VP Biden. Trump has stood up to China whereas Biden and Obama treated that country as if it were still an infant economic power, deserving of special treatment. And, Hunter Biden accepted big cash payoffs from CCP officials to provide access to his father. The former administration’s role in the Paris climate accord allows China to construct many fossil fuel power stations while at the same time requiring America to cease the generation of carbon-based power.

Trump was successful in convincing our NATO allies to pay their fair share for their defense as they agreed to pay when that organization was established. NATO is stronger as a result.

Do you want the police defunded or “reimagined” as Senator Harris has recommended? Trump supports law and order and police organizations throughout the nation are supporting him. This is not to say that black lives don’t matter because all lives, including black lives, matter. We must stop patronizing African-American citizens and we must stop treating them as if they are victims. Many blacks are partners with Americans of other races supporting the President.

Please vote for President Trump.