To the voters of Milford

Nov. 3 is Election Day! I hope you will all get out and vote. Our men and women in uniform have, and continue to fight to protect all of our American freedoms. One of our greatest rights is our vote. Steve “Tango” Tourangeau is a decorated veteran who is running for State Representative to continue to protect all your rights.

I have known Tango for many years. His career as an Air Force officer (Lt Colonel) and combat proven aviator speaks volumes to his lifetime commitment to protecting and defending each of us, our Constitution, and our Nation. He is a business and home owner in Milford and understands the impact of decisions made at the State House on Granite-Staters. Tango will fight hard to protect the New Hampshire Advantage, just as he has fought hard for our Nation.

Now more than ever we need people with integrity, courage and the fortitude of servant leaders as our voice in Concord. Tango’s lifetime of service and stainless character will serve the people of Milford and New Hampshire with honor. That is why I am happy to endorse Steve “Tango” Tourangeau for State Representative in Milford. Vote for Tango on Nov. 3.