Bryk for treasurer

I’m William Bryk, the Democratic candidate for Hillsborough County Treasurer.

The County Treasurer collects the county property tax from municipalities, oversees financial accounts, and invests county funds. The Treasurer’s the signatory on the county’s financial accounts and works with the Business Office to maintain the county funds’ integrity and security. All income derived from the investments is returned to the Treasury to offset the tax rate.

As a court-appointed guardian of an incapacitated person, I’ve been a bonded fiduciary since 2006. I submit annual accounts for my guardianship and examine those of other guardians to ensure that their wards are receiving honest, competent, and helpful service.

I’ve the experience, energy, and competence to serve diligently and competently as County Treasurer. I’ll strive for transparency in our finances and efficiency in the agencies of county government. Above all, I’ll loudly and clearly oppose any effort by the state to shift expenses to the county and the towns, which always leads to a property tax hike.

As for myself, I am a retired lawyer living in Antrim with my wife, Mimi Kramer-Bryk, a retired educator and cultural critic. I worked my way through Manhattan College to earn a B.Sc. in Economics. Later, while working full time, I earned a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law’s evening division. I spent three decades working for the New York City government on the staffs of several public officials and municipal agencies.

I presently serve Antrim as a Planning Board member and a member of the Capital Improvement Committee. I’ve previously served my town as a Library Trustee, Cemetery Trustee, and vice chair of the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Please give me your vote on Election Day.