Go to your town clerk’s office

Nov. 3 is close at hand and you can vote without going to the polls if you are concerned about COVID. Go to your town clerk’s office (check in advance for their hours), fill out an absentee ballot application form, hand it in, and ask for your election ballot. Take it somewhere private. Fill it out, place it in the provided envelopes (be sure to sign the inner one) and hand it back to the clerk. You just voted!

This will likely be more quiet, efficient and less stressful than other options. Town clerks know the drill and are available to assist you and answer your questions about this year’s process because they are dedicated public servants.

The preparation steps before one’s town hall visit are few. Have a photo ID such as a driver’s license handy, but if you don’t have one you can still vote (they’ll take your photo). Look into who the office candidates are so you can to vote up and down the ballot. If you take the ballot home to decide, bring it back in person to the clerk’s office or, if you do decide to mail it in, do so at least two weeks before the election. You can vote in person at town hall up through November 2nd but be sure to check their hours in advance.

I just handed in my ballot to my town clerk today. All done.