Keep Donald Trump

I lived in New Hampshire for the first 23 years of my life, born in Woodsville, 12 years of school in Gorham, and 4 years of college in Durham. I lived in Lisbon, Bath, Dover, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Orford and other towns as young fellows tended to do. My family came from Benton, Landaff, Lancaster and Whitefield. I believe I may have logged timber in all 10 counties, hayed and helped produce milk in at least 4. Then, 47 years ago I moved to Alaska.

This President of the United States has done more for Alaska than did any of his predecessors. Alaska is almost entirely government and Native land, and too often the federal government has shipped money to Alaska to make us wards of the government rather than allow Alaskans to produce from the land. President Trump has instead helped us seek economic autonomy, which is better all the way round. He has done this through reversing orders of his immediate predecessor, appointing judges that follow the Constitution, and encouraging every state to pursue its own destiny. Alaska will never have the manufacturing nor even the agriculture that New Hampshire has, but with President Trump in the White House we can continue to increase production of petroleum, gold, silver, zinc, copper and many other commodities the other 49 states need. Like New Hampshire, Alaska has no riots and looting; just people who want to work to get ahead.

President Trump understands all parts of the Constitution, including the Second Amendment, and we have to look all the way back to President Reagan to find someone else in the White House who thought the very same way, and for the same reasons. That’s very important to Alaskans. There is no Alaskan not reassured by the New Hampshire motto. Alaska has no sales or income tax, and we know New Hampshire has long led the way.

Our 3 Electoral College votes will overwhelmingly go to President Trump. I write to ask New Hampshire voters to help Alaska keep President Trump on the job. Thank you. Much appreciated.