Adhere to the guidelines

Following is a letter I sent to Governor Sununu and I feel it needs attention. Why has NH completely removed Food Service Workers from the CDCs Phase 1 roll out recommendations when they are, short of dentists wearing full PPE, the only profession where workers are directly exposed to people not wearing a mask? Restaurant workers were deemed essential last April and asked to help the economy and go to work. We are simply asking to reverse the recent changes made to the NH Vaccine Allocation Plan and that our food servers be appropriately recategorized as the high risk workers that they are. Please protect them by allowing them to be vaccinated along with other high risk groups.

To the Honorable Governor Sununu,

I hope today finds you well.

The CDC guidelines (see attached) clearly illustrate that food service workers (which include waitstaff) should be vaccinated in Phase 1c of the Allocation Plan due to their direct exposure to patrons not wearing a mask. I am sure you are aware that restaurants at this time are the only venue where masks are not worn by customers once they are seated which greatly increases exposure to staff while serving. The risk of servers getting Covid-19 and passing it on to older patrons, high-risk family members and fellow employees raises exponentially as a result.

The NH Allocation Plan (see attached) has removed Phase 1c entirely and it appears waitresses and waiters will not be offered the vaccine until Phase 3b – May and Beyond

I am appealing to your common sense and asking you to reconsider and adhere to the guidelines set forth by the CDC.

Thank you for your time.