The problem, as I see it

The problem as I see it right now is that close to 50% of Americans currently feel that those on the other side want to fundamentally change America. They want to change the way that our shared government is designed down to its foundation so that those on the other side can never have a voice again. This close to 50% of Americans have been held in utter contempt, ridiculed and denigrated, by those currently in control who propose to get rid of governmental systems in place (the filibuster eg.) to ensure that their domination becomes permanent. They are able to do this through the virtually unfettered control of the media, which has helped them attain this position. This evil plan flies against the Constitution of the United States of America, which was meticulously designed to prevent a hostile majority from stealing the freedom of, and essentially enslaving, those of the minority, using their resources and labor to support their position. This “majority,” currently in control, have no conscience to guide them, to show them that stealing the freedom of those they plan to dominate through nefarious means, (packing the supreme courts and giving votes to non-citizens eg.) is evil. They are so entrenched in their beliefs, which have been put in place by the programming of the media, that they believe that any means necessary is justified in order to subjugate and permanently fetter those under their control. This close to 50% of Americans believe that if those who are prepared to put this nefarious plan in place are not stopped by their own realization of where this is leading, it will soon be too late. It will be the end of Democracy and Freedom in the world, and this Great American Experiment, which has brought more of humanity out of poverty and freed more of humanity from bondage than any other government in history, which has been an example, a beacon of freedom throughout the world, will fail. It will fail, because, as John Adams stated, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.” I pray that we have not reached this point in human history. I pray that sanity will prevail and that the close to 50% of Americans who are feeling this way are not correct, and that humankind is not truly on the verge of this downward spiral that looms, threateningly, in our future. I call to those of you in a position to do something to stop travelling this path. Benevolently govern ALL Americans. Instead of pursuing this plan, consider what you do. Consider carefully, and proceed wisely.

What can be done to restore the faith of the close to 50% of Americans? Take the following actions immediately.

1. Appoint a committee to investigate the allegations of voter fraud and make this information available to the American people. This is worth the time and expense in order to restore the faith of the American people in the election process and to prevent civil unrest. Any fair-minded individual would want this to happen. Anyone who opposes this action would appear to have something to hide and is just exacerbating the situation.

a. Reveal and make available all legislative action that was taken where EVIDENCE was actually heard and found to be false. Americans need to know that allegations were not dismissed due to technicalities like “no standing to file suits” or “not filed in a timely manner.” They need to know that the evidence was investigated, heard in court, and discovered to be unfounded.

b. Investigate allegations that were not reviewed and show Americans that there was no basis for concern.

2. Enact election reform to ensure that there are no doubts to the fairness of future elections. Do this so that any independent international election observer can unequivocally state that, “This American election was free and fair.” This is vital to the American people and to preserve America’s world standing and reputation.

a. Have an election DAY as outlined in the appropriate codes.

b. Eliminate voter drop-boxes.

c. Require proof of identity, citizenship, and eligibility to vote. This is basic common sense. Anyone who is trying to prevent this has an agenda in mind. Those that want this are not trying to disenfranchise anyone. They are trying to ensure that only American citizens with legal status to vote (not in jail for a felony, eg.) are able to help make decisions for the United States of America.

d. Allow absentee voting only in extenuating circumstances as has been done in the past.

e. Ensure that election laws are applied uniformly throughout jurisdictions.

f. Ensure that each candidate/party has fair and equal access to the media in order to provide information to voters.

g. Ensure that there is a chain of custody for each and every vote and that every vote is counted in the presence of independent observers at every moment.

h. Suggestion – return to manual counting of ballots. Divide precincts into small, independent units to make this manageable.

3. Remove whatever protections are in place that allow social media platforms to censor content without being held responsible. (Section 230 reform) An explanation of how this is working now and the effects it has on our society can be found here:

4. This one is really hard, and I’m not sure how to accomplish it, but here it is: Somehow cause the news sources in America to return to the day when they were REPORTERS of news. Stop the editorializing of virtually every news report which is then presented to the American people as fact, not opinion. Opinion should be presented as such, not presented as fact. Help the news outlets return to a day when they did the work, seeking out the news and being actual reporters, not echo chambers for other news outlets. They need to look into “news” themselves before passing it on as fact. They need to DO THE WORK. We need real news reporting, not Pravda and Der Stürmer.

It is my opinion that accomplishing the above would help bring about the healing that is so important to the American people and to the survival of our republic. The above list of actions is non-partisan. If you are an American, you should want the above things to happen. If you don’t, it is obvious that you have something other than the survival of the Republic in mind and are seeking the downfall of the United States of America.