To Milford taxpayers

Warrant Article 3 is yet another attempt to fritter away tax dollars on a scheme that promises to solve a problem of questionable origin. In a blatant attempt to slip this through, the board of selectmen has priced it to sell by voting to move $700,000.00 of our already collected tax dollars toward a project we have not approved, thus reducing the potential bond figure to $1.7 Million. That $700K was surplus that should have been returned to taxpayers in these tough economic hard times rather than spent on a project that Milford taxpayers have yet to endorse. $250,000.00 of that $1.7 Million is earmarked for the consultant that crafted this scheme.

The plan calls for floating another bond for construction of a new building attached to the existing police station … a police station that was paid for by a bond that we are still paying down. Einstein was right; the most powerful force in the universe if compound interest, especially when you are paying interest on a bond that is placed on top of a bond for which you are already paying interest. And this doesn’t even take into account the money spent already putting this article on the warrant [well in excess of $120,000.00, $35,000.00 which has not been approved by Milford voters].

If Milford voters are going to approve spending their tax dollars on any warrant article, at least they know what they’re getting in Warrant Articles 4 & 5: sewer replacement mechanisms and library HVAC/electrical repairs. I urge my fellow taxpayers to vote no on Warrant Article 3 and say yes to regional dispatch. Let’s improve the system we have rather than throwing everything away and starting from scratch. It will be cheaper and better in the long run.