Individual liberty

American society once placed a high value on Individual Liberty. Recently, however, there has been an attempt by those who control the free flow and exchange of information and ideas, the ideal should be pushed aside, or laid to rest, for it is outdated. One of the oldest political traditions of American civilization, and an important and necessary ideal known since the early days of the republic, Individual Liberty, yearns for a re-examination of its concept, a gentle reminder of its past, and the true sagacity of its meaning.

Since the dawn of humanity, Individual Liberty has been a sovereign guarantee found within Natural Law itself. Subsequently, the Natural Rights of individuals, were eventually placed within the US Constitution. So strong were the Founders desire to ensure Americans understood their sovereign rights, they included an additional Amendment to the Constitution to protect the rights of the People that were not listed in the first Eight. Why? They feared if Individual Liberty were lost, all the freedoms of the People would eventually be lost.

All Americans have their political ideals and philosophy on which path is best for America. The equal rights of every citizen to the free exercise of their political philosophy, is held with all other rights. Equally, a gift of nature, cannot be less dear or important to us. And the Declaration of those rights which pertain to good people, as the basis and foundation of government, must be specified with equal gravity, and sincere importance.