Of days gone by

Recently, I had the honor of celebrating the birth of my first great-grandson. His name is Jackson. He lives in Nashua. He has a loving Mom and Dad, Grandmother and Grandad and of course this ole dude and his missus of almost 60 years. In order to assist our national leadership, I, as ex military, and supporter of all things in the name of freedom, the Flag, the National Anthem and especially of all those who died for us in various conflicts felt obligated to send Jackson an Invoice in the amount of $84,680 as his share due and payable to the U.S. government now! Think this to be comedy?

You too, every single person reading this letter. You owe; right now; the government “$84,680. Course our commander and thief in Wash. is soon to increase that with passage of another 1.9 trillion in gifts for us to play “Make Believe” for a couple of months. I will then send my great-grandson an Invoice for $89,980 dollars. … What a wonderful world we have created for the little ones!