Remember when?

Remember when Nashua was a small city of less than 40,000? Remember when your mom and my mom and your sisters and my sisters could walk down sidewalks on Main Street on Christmas Eve, and knew 80% of all the people they met, and … do so after dark while feeling absolutely safe and happy in our native Nashua.

Remember Mayor Vagge? Remember the car motorcade for Atty Louis Janelle? Remember the “Postman who became a Mayor?” Consolidated Foods? Edgecomb Steel? Improved Machinery? Rousseau Oil Co.? Remember the old library on the hill? Ice rinks behind Nashua High, Marshall Field and Ledge St.?

Remember when this publication was not yet a “Left Leaning Puppet?” When the lowly French Canadians, the sports heroes of the Briggs folks, and lowly Greek people could not be ignored for fear of political survival? Remember when Royden Sanders and Harold Pope saved Nashua from becoming another Dracut, Massachusetts, or Winchester, New Hampshire?