Be part of N.H.’s cvic spring

Democracy is not a spectator sport, and its time many more Granite Staters engage to get our democracy functioning better.

All residents should binge watch Civics Slam! with David Alcox, brought to you by the New Hampshire Institute for Civics Education (search Civics Slam at www.nhcivics.org). Improving our civics is my hobby, and I found the first session informative. Find out how much you really do not know.

On April 8, participate in the next New Hampshire Ranked Choice Voting statewide meeting, because this change can only happen if residents step up and get involved. Get the link on the events page at www.nhrankedchoice.org. If you need a N.H. RCV presenter at your group, we are ready.

Block off April 10 as it is a huge New Hampshire civics day. Join The People (N.H.) from 9-11 a.m. for “Change can Happen, Making Democracy Work.” Register at https://thepeople.org/event/change-can-happen-making-democracy-work/, hosted by actor Andrew Shue and grass-roots rock star Katie Fahey. From 2-4 p.m., Open Democracy and others are bringing us the 2021 N.H. Redistricting Forum. Register at https://www.opendemocracynh.org/2021_redistricting_forum. N.H.districts are configured to serve parties not voters and our governor has yet to demonstrate intestinal fortitude in support of residents over party. Learn what is happening and what you need to do.

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