Support Energy Innovation Act

2020 was the hottest year on record, and not in a distant, tropical-paradise type of way: the Christmas rain in Southern New Hampshire was still in recent memory, along with a general lack of snowfall well into 2021.

Along with reduced snowfall, is a reduced ski season, which not only impacted us personally, but also is bound to have implications in the economy of the state: less tourism dollars from Massachusetts, hardship in the tourist towns up north, less Massachusetts drivers on the highway – the last of which I do not personally object.

On the brighter side, a bill has just been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives that will put our climate on a safer path.

The Energy Innovation Act will make substantial reductions in domestic climate pollution, incentivize similar reductions globally, create and protect U.S. jobs, boost the economy and help the poor.

The Energy Innovation Act places a fee on carbon at the source and encourages a change to a cleaner energy market with new technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The act also will include a dividend where all the money from the fee will go back to citizens in equal shares.

We ask for your support on this bill in order to help ensure a healthier and cleaner future. If you are interested in helping us to petition for change, then you can join Citizens Climate Lobby (http://cclusa.org/join).