Dems watch out

Democrats in New Hampshire watch out – here comes Sununu. That “nice guy” governor that everybody loves is probably going to make a run for Maggie Hassan’s US Senate seat in 2022. What’s the harm in that? He’s got high approval ratings, he claims to be an environmentalist, he claims to be pro-choice, yada, yada.

However, late last Friday (6/25/21) this same governor rushed to sign the two-year, $13.5 billion NH state budget into law in a secretive, closed door meeting. The ink was barely dry after the 2 Republican-controlled legislative branches rammed this disasterous budget through on Thursday. This budget retained tax cuts to businesses and the state’s wealthiest (which no one championed) and includes several extremist non-budgetary items including:

School vouchers to homeschoolers, private and religious schools which will siphon money away from public schools. Your property taxes are probably going up as a result.

An attack on reproductive rights via a ban on later-term abortions (and mandated expensive ultrasounds for all abortions). This is the first time the state of NH has waded into regulating a woman’s right to choose and should concern all who fear continued attacks on woman’s lives.

A gag order on discussions of systemic racism and sexism in public schools and at government entities. Who really knows what this means, other than teachers will now shy away from any such discussions? Who wants to go to jail for teaching something that some old white guys don’t want you talking about?

Yes, Sununu gives the impression of being the fair-haired boy wonder, but he’s really just a pawn of the right-wing machine. Let’s all remember this in 2022, and let’s all begin work now to not let Sununu take over Maggie Hassan’s seat in the U.S. Senate.