Think Republican

The letter by Joe O’Neill of Amherst (Sunday, June 12) defies logic.

He pontificates that Republicans are blaming the Biden Administration for the current rate of inflation that Americans are suffering through and it’s all just a ploy for Republicans to win at the polls in November.

Joe demands to know what Republicans are going to do to reduce pain at the pumps and reduce grocery bills. Is he serious? Has he been at the Kool Aid again? Does he not realize that it wasn’t Republicans who put us in this horrendous situation? Does he not realize it was the policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats who did that? Read my lips, Mr. O’Neill: Democrats currently control the government and they make the policies.

Those Democrat policies are the absolute cause of our pain at the pumps and grocery bills. Burying your head in the sand does not hide that fact.

If Republicans were in power, we would not be in this situation.

When our last president left office, America was in an unprecedented economic boom.

• Middle Class family income increased nearly $6,000 – more than five times the gains during the Obama/Biden administration.

• Jobs, factories and industries were brought back to the U.S., creating more than 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs.

• We were energy independent. For the first time in 70 years, the U.S. became a net energy exporter, and was the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world.

• We had record stock market numbers and record 401ks. Benefiting middle class families and seniors who had worked hard all their lives to save for their retirement.

• We had tax relief for the middle class. $3.2 trillion in a historic tax relief and reformed tax code.

• The prior administration invested in America’s workers and families. They doubled the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 to $2,000 per child and expanded the eligibility for receiving the credit.

• Nearly 40 million families benefited from the CTC, totaling credit of approximately $88 billion.

These are just a few of the accomplishments of the previous administration. They are all from archived government records, not the opinions of this writer.

The only “accomplishment” of the current administration is inflation, and blaming others for Biden’s incompetence.

Finally, Mr. O’Neill parrots the Democrat talking points when he talks about “keeping democracy free”. The current phrase du jour of Democrats is Republicans are a “threat to our democracy”. How idiotic.

Democracy is all about political competition and power play. Some of the challenges of democracy are inefficiency, and the growing economic and social inequalities among the people.

This leads to instability and corruption. That is what we have now with Democrat policies.

Instead of displaying an amazing and complete detachment from reality and lashing out at Republicans with emotional, opinionated claims devoid of fact, think about how Democrats are destroying your pocketbook. Think about the cost of fuel and food and how it affects your families.

Think Republican this November.