Assess the facts

Ms. Di Lothrop is at it again (Sunday, July 24). Her guest column headline states: “Hutchinson Recollections and Accusations Were Solely Based on Office Gossip and Hearsay.” In this guest column, Ms. Lothrop slams a previous article (Paul Collins’ July 10 column): “Cassie Hutchinson: A Study in Courage.” Ms. Lothrop has done this twice before, to my letters in earlier Telegraph editions in July. Ms. Lothrop’s modus operandi (MO) is pretty clear: attack a liberal-leaning writer by claiming that their facts are untrue, and then tell the reader: ‘here’s the true story.’ Yet, her rebuttals are often misstatements of facts and/or ignore many true points raised by both myself and Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins article on Cassie seems to gain more credibility every day, yet the right, as exemplified by Ms. Lothrop, continues to obfuscate or misconstrue the truth about Cassie’s brave testimony.

I can only hope that Nashua Telegraph readers can assess the facts for themselves. I also hope that readers can see when someone is misconstruing facts or ‘cherry picking’ facts to suit their cause. We need informed readers to become informed voters in the coming election, not to be spoon fed misstatements.