HB Cavs soccer recaps

Girls U13 vs. Bedford, 3-2

Hollis Brookline U13 defeated Bedford with a 3-2 victory in their home season opener. Madeleine Boudreau scored 2 goals for the Cavs while Claire Ballou scored one with the assist from Kaya Toms. The Cavaliers played a defensive game with Morgan Kipp, McKenna Dunn and Claudia Pack. Allie Callahan worked the ball with solid transitions to Sienna Anderson. Coach K said, “It’s been an asset to have another coach with me this season. It helps to have another set of eyes and create various opportunities for the girls to get more coaching.” The Cavaliers next game is Saturday at 1:30 p.m. as they take on Fremont.

Girls’ U10D2 vs. Hampton (7-0) and Manchester (7-3)

The girls had two games this weekend, first facing off against Hampton Attack and second against Manchester Soccer Club. Both times the Cavs proved to be the better side. Against the Hampton attack, the Cavs were able to string some passes together and try to create chances on the offensive half. When those chances were created the Cavs scored almost every time. Rosalie DeSantis played striker for much of the game and scored a few goals. She then grounded the back line to deny shots from the opponent. Juliette Ogren played well in the midfield and outside back spots, denying offensive movement from the other team while also creating some solid offense for our side. The game against Manchester proved to be a bit more challenging defensively but keeper Bailey Dunn was able to hold the fort steady at 7-3. She worked hard to come off her line during a few break away opportunities the opponent managed. Center back Anuhya Chilakapati proved to be a major factor that led to the win along with center mid McKenna Maguire and outside mid Kiera King. All three had very strong games which helped the team to maintain the win.

Boys U9D3 vs. Litchfield (3-1)

In their second game of the season the Cavs started well keeping the game tight with some good defense from Levi Brown and Alex Thomas.

Litchfield scored the game’s first goal just before half time to lead 1-0 at the break. The Cavs didn’t let that affect them and responded early in the 2nd half with John Constantine scoring direct from a corner kick, with the added confidence the team upped their game getting two goals from Constantine to seal the victory.

Boys’ U10D2 v Bow (9-4)

The Cavs traveled to Bow for their 1st game of the season with high expectations after a good preseason. In his 1st game for the team Jonah Winsor scored the 1st 2 goals for the Cavs with Bow hitting back quickly each time. Midway through the opening half, the Cavs began to find their stride and dominate with Winsor and Alex Gertz sharing four goals to send their team into half time 6-2 up. The second half was dominated by the Cavs and if it wasn’t for some good goalkeeping from Bow the score could’ve been even greater.