Small minority cost Milford residents money, time

>To the Editor:

I am a 10-plus-year resident of Mil­ford. My wife and I, both environmen­tally aware and active, were attracted to Milford for many reasons, one of which was the many and varied trail systems and green space areas – this was before the Brox land was pur­chased.

When the town, not just 100 or so vocal protestors, purchased that land, it was with the commitment to the voters that it would be developed in a mixed use fashion: school, play­grounds, green space and commercial development.

Now, after much money and time lost due to a very small minority led by their self-appointed leader Suzanne Fournier, the town has lost a potential employer and taxpayer. They gave a politically correct reason for their leaving, but it is commonly understood that they did not wish to move forward due to this small group’s efforts to stand in the way of progress.

I am of the opinion that our town has far more trails and greenspace than many other towns. We can be proud of the balance our town brings to the environment.

I am also upset that our Conserva­tion Committee has remained silent or otherwise supported this extremely small group’s disruptive effort. Be­cause of that, they no longer have my support.

As a prior volunteer with the AMC and other environmentally sensitive organizations, I can attest that an area can balance development with greenspace and environmental con­cerns. If this group were in the White Mountains, they would probably want to shut down all logging, which is al­lowed again in a balanced fashion.

The majority of the voters approved this land purchase, yet the town is being prevented in carrying out the majority’s wishes due to this so-called Brox Environmental Committee and the inaction and silence of the town’s Conservation Committee.

Ed Killam