Milford moderator made the right call

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the Milford town moderator for rescheduling voting day to March 18 due to the extreme weather. Even by New Hampshire standards, this was a major storm, with very poor visibility and treacherous driving conditions.

Basic common sense, and state law, underlies this unprecedented decision by the town moderator. He made an independent judgment call that was clearly in the best interest of the residents of Milford rather than blindly follow Governor Sununu’s opinion that towns should keep the polls open. Gov. Sununu hinted that a legal challenge may ensue “if towns do choose, and make that choice on their own, at their risk, frankly, to make a decision to postpone their voting.”

Noting this, The Telegraph, in its editorial of March 15, stated: “Strong-arming communities into voting to ensure it is in compliance with state law and not subject to a legal challenge seems like a scare tactic rather than a call for civic action.”

The Milford town moderator, in accordance with state law, exerted local control over a local situation out of concern for public safety. It is unfortunate that Gov. Sununu did not share that same concern for all New Hampshire voters.

Denise Clark