Safety and security

The Souhegan School Board has sought input concerning safety and security from many sources, including a Community Forum, Community Council, the Amherst Police, administrators and citizens’ comments. While we have not addressed specifically what actions to take next, we do feel it is necessary to synthesize and simplify the factors by which our decisions will be made. This is an important part of threading a needle through the many inputs and concerns of our constituencies and recognizing all points of view. Clearly, our primary concern is safety and security. Learning cannot effectively happen in an environment where students and staff feel unsafe, or are unsafe. The following is the summary of the factors we have heard and are considering:

1. External and Internal Security:

a.External Security – Perimeter security, access control, and exterior space monitoring

b.Internal Security – managing incidents inside the building.

c.Visitor Management

2. Respect the Souhegan culture and the benefits of student agency and engagement.

3. Security standards

4. The Souhegan School Board is responsible for safety and security for the following:

a. Security and safety for all students and staff

b. Security and safety for all public use of the Souhegan property.


5. Cost Benefit Analysis

Currently, the Souhegan School Board has allocated funds to commission a consultant to provide an analysis of the school’s security needs. The date for this deliverable is May 2018. It is our intent to provide you with the status and progress on an ongoing basis.

Souhegan High School Board

Mr. Howard Brown, chairman, Mr. James Manning, vice-chairman, Mr. Steven

Coughlan, Mr. Pim Grondstra, Mr. David Chen, Mr. Dwayne Purvis, and Mrs. Amy Facey