Diabolical disorientation

Although saddened by the recent passing of the transgender therapy ban, and the bathroom bill, I can honestly say I am not surprised. Sadly, Americans, as well as many Catholics are blind to the truth, preferring to believe there is no hard “truth;” there is “your truth, my truth, whatever truth” but not truth. Truth is viewed as hurtful, unfair and even hateful, in the eyes of the new propagandized American.

America is, with breakneck speed, moving away from her Christian founding and virtues which are her roots. We have exchanged liberty for license. True liberty as expressed in our beautiful founding is grounded in the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. We are willfully defying those laws.

As a nation, most do not understand our founding documents, not even those who have sworn to uphold these documents. Instead, they distort, twist and bend it to fit their diabolical ideologies and societal goals through wordsmithing, propaganda and personal attacks.

As the preface to the Constitution and Declaration defines the way the Constitution should be interpreted: through a Christian and biblical world view. The Declaration was a “stand-alone” document, the Constitution is not. As a nation, we have murdered more babies, named by God in the womb, than the ancient Aztecs sacrificed on the altar of their pagan god. We then moved on to redefine marriage, as if that is even possible or logical. Now, although we know there are two genders, either XX or XY, we have decided that there is no defined gender. Instead of the psychological disorder known at gender dysphoria, we have determined that one is free to choose their gender and our sex education classes are pushing this diabolical disorientation on the smallest of children. God does not create confusion: Satan does.

It is not possible to give additional rights to one group, without first taking them from another. Therefore, parents now have no right to seek help for their confused child, counselors who accept truth are not allowed to counsel these individuals, nor are you free as an individual to seek this help if you desire it. We can only hope that someone takes this to the Supreme Court to alleviate our feckless “leaders,” cowards, of their duty. We have a disordered society that no longer can claim to be one nation under God, not as we embrace the confusion of Satan and poke our finger in God’s eye. It would seem science is now the enemy of the diabolical, as science proves life begins at conception, proves there are indeed only two sexes and there is no “gay” gene.

We have a choice: We either live under the beautiful truth we were founded on, or we accept the societal decay of diabolical disorientation prophesied in 1917 at Fatima. …

In His will is our peace.